All Go / No Slow: First Bands Announced


ALL GO / NO SLOW STAGE @ FLUFF FEST: Fri, 26th July & Sat, 27th July

The AGNS stage has risen from the ashes of the Play Fast or Don't festival. Like the last couple of years, it will again be a hideout for the fans of extreme hardcore, powerviolence, fastcore etc. ...sometimes with jazz/noise influences. If you are looking for blast beats, extreme loudness, extreme speed and super short songs, this place is going to feel like home!!!!


Check out the first announced bands for the AGNS stage:


ENTRAILS MASSACRE (DE): veterans of extreme hardcore/grindcore


HERIDA PROFUNDA (PL): crust punk/grindcore


KAOSQUAD (CZ): old school deathmetal with grains of grindcore 


BLUES FOR THE REDSUN (CZ): doom/sludge with monumental foggy visual effects


KLUVIM (IL): straightforward grindcore with occasional epic melodies from Haifa


 HØRDÜR (FR): bonecrushing powerviolence/fastcore


JODIE FASTER (FR): olschool ultra fast hardcore punk


MENTAL HYGIENE TERRORISM ORCHESTRA (FR): insane jazz-noisecore earmaggedon 


SAME RIVER TWICE (CZ): epic emocrust metal, echoes of Remains of the Day


LOW STANDARDS (PL): heavy, downtuned powerviolence


GALL (DE): experimental noise/powerviolence


JaKuBysKo (SK): trash metal/grindcore rollercoaster


ILL! vs. ALWAYS NEVER FUN (DE/ITA): a fastcore battle show - expect a split soon!!!


THE SEEKER (IT): prolific aggressive fastcore

CONTROLLED EXISTENCE (CZ): crème de la crème of grindcore/power violence


... and more to come!!!