Kalle w/ acoustic band

kalle acoustic

Tábor, CZ

alternative * post-rock * slowcore


Kalle is a two-piece band formed by Veronika Buriánková and David Zeman in Tábor, Southern Bohemia, in 2013.

Kalle with acoustic band is a parallel form of existence of Kalle in which four musicians from fellow bands ‒ including Remek and Five Seconds to Leave ‒ are joining the core of the band to perform on acoustic guitars, harmonium, bass guitar, violoncello, violin and piano while leaving aside the band characteristic layers of looped electric guitars.

This six-piece acoustic band remains faithful to Kalle usual intimate atmospheres achieved by strong songwriting, inspired vocal performances, post-rock guitar lines in slowcore structures backed by the warm analog tape sound that has accompanied the band since its debut.

Kalle will bring to Fluff audience a set of songs from their full length album Songs with the Acoustic Band  that has just been released on Day After Records in March 2020.

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