Eat My Fear share their tips for Fluff 2019

Eat My Fear share their tips for Fluff 2019

For a more inclusive and diverse hardcore punk! That’s a motto of the Berlin feminist queercore band EAT MY FEAR that will play the Monday (July 29) Fluff gig in Prague. How do they like this year line-up? We asked them to give their 5 tips.


70cm³ of your chest: This year we will hit the stage on Monday in Prague. If you can come around after Rockycany you can also enjoy 70cm³ of your chest with our drummer helping them out. A beautiful mix of Hardcore, Postrock and Screamo.

(70cmof your chest will play on Monday, July 29 @Underdogs' Ballroom, Prague)

Faim: Just discovered them at the Fluff line up and really love them! We love political Hardcore Punk bringing the frustration and anger about politics and social issues perfectly into the music. Can‘t wait to see them.

(Faim will play on Saturday, July 27 in Rokycany)

State Faults: Screamo/Post HC how i like it! I am super happy to see them at Fluff fest. This is one thing making Fluff special for me: the mix of screamo and hardcore punk.

(State Faults will play on Friday, July 26 in Rokycany)


Tørsö: We can‘t wait to see Torsö again! Feminist Vegan Straight Edge Hardcore everyone who loves hardcore punk should see.

(Tørsö will play on Saturday, July 27 in Rokycany)

Yöu: Amazing band creating such a nice atmosphere with their music! We are super happy to play some show with them on our tour! Again the mix of different styles of music at Fluff fest bringing people together... lots of love for this

(You will play on Thursday, July 25 @Underdogs' Ballroom in Prague AND on Saturday, July 27 in Rokycany)



Thank you for the tips. Fluff Fest also recommend to check out Eat My Fear's latest record 'Taking Back Space'.