Fluff postponed until 29-31 July 2022


We are postponing the festival once again. We are just 2 months away from Fluff weekend and we do not feel like pandemic will be quite over just yet. And even if Czech gov is announcing open air events might be happening and they might be allowing 1000s of people to gather it does not necessarily mean it is everything we need for Fluff to happen. It is just first of many things we consider.

We could have reached our targeted capacity (min. 2000 tickets) legally but we then consider how safe and how much fun would it be. SAFE: 5 months with vaccination went by and we are at 10% fully vaccinated people. You need to be either one from priority groups or over 50 to have a chance to be fully vaccinated this summer. The festival happening would mean a lot of steps would need to be taken at the festival site to lower the risk of spreading covid. Mainly social-distancing related steps. I know a lot of people feel safe and rightly or not a lot of people felt safe the whole time, but a lot of people can not feel safe yet. All those are risks to peoples' health, but there are also risks of us going ahead now and the festival being cancelled on later date or even during the festival already happening. Those risks are still very high. FUN: As i mentioned, The festival would only be possible if we take extensive steps towards safety and it would introduce things like use of barriers, extensive control over who enters the festival, extensive control over how people move around the festival site etc. The control over people not socializing the way they would normally do. The festival would for sure be under much closer look from officials etc.

We can wait another year for festivals. We tried to give it a chance and we are hopefully close but we are not there yet. We miss shows and social contact but we will be able to enjoy both on smaller and more local-based scale very soon.

Michal/ Kolektiv Underdogs'