New LP: State Faults are back - sharper than ever

state faults

Na třetí desku State Faults se čekalo dlouhých šest let. A čekání se vyplatilo. Nové album Clairvoyant, které vyšlo právě dnes na No Sleep Records / Dog Knight Production, dokazuje, že jsou State Faults v ještě lepší formě, než jsme doufali (a to už tak jsme měli velká očekávání). Kapela se vydává vůbec poprvé do Evropy a my jsme nadšení, že se zastaví i na Fluffu. A máme takové podezření, že jejich vystoupení v Rokycanech bude naprosto fenomenální!!!!


Fans have been waiting for State Faults' third record for six long years. But it was worth waiting. The new album, that is out today via No Sleep Records / Dog Knight Production, finds State Faults sharper than ever. The band is just starting their very first European tour and we are super stoked that they have included Fluff in their itinerary. Something tells us that their live set in Rokycany will be phenomenal!!!




Zde je pár slov, kterými State Faults na své FB stránce doprovodili vydání desky / Here are few words from the band's FB page regarding the album:

The time has come.
Today we are honored and humbled to release our third full length record, “Clairvoyant”. This record is the result of four years of growth and transformation. This record is a complete surrender, a vessel for the universe to speak through us.
This record is dedicated to those who have suffered from the systems put in place by those who fear anyone not like them.
We also dedicate this record to anyone and everyone who is fighting for positive change, who’s love is not limited by religion, race, gender and sexual orientation.
You are the young healers.
You are the Clairvoyant.
Let real love reign free!