Fluff 1

There are 3 'real' stages within the festival site, one of those will serve as the All Go/No Slow stage on Friday and Saturday (same as the last couple of years). The shows on the biggest one will only happen during the weekend only - Fri~Sun. The 2nd stage (sometimes called the 'tent') will have shows on all 4 days - Thu~Sun. The 3rd stage will have general fluff lineup bands playing on Thursday and Sunday and the already mentioned "All Go/No Slow" on Friday and Saturday...

We are yet to decide how we are going to build them this year, we are still thinking about sizes, positions, etc...

All Go No Slow

Somehow, the All Go/No Slow stage has risen from the ashes of the Play Fast Or Don't festival at Fluff. Around 20 acts over two days. This stage is curated outside of Fluff by Skulda and Smrcak.


Set outside the festival site, this has always provided a hideout, a place to run away to for those seeking something else. Curated by Jakub of the Stoned to Death label and his choice of guest curators. This one starts on Thursday and runs until late Sunday night.

Infoshop Tent

The dark tent first set as a movie tent, a place for screenings, talks, workshops... and later with its own music scene focusing on acoustic music as well as hip-hop etc. It is a centre point for those people who have not just come for the music, food and swimming pool.

Fanzine Library

The little tent in the corner just next to the entrance gate. It's a roof for our fanzine library that we have collected over the years. It might actually play some a bigger role in 2019...

Underdogs' Ballroom (Prague)

The venue located in Prague. This is where the Prague events are happening. It is a place run by Fluff people. This is what we are doing now...

The Prague shows are happening on Thursday and Monday.

Eternia Half-pipe (Prague)

In the same building as Underdogs' Ballroom. Just many, many strairs higher up. The building is called Eternia Smíchov and it is home not only for our venue but many others. Check out their facebook page.

It is the second stage for our Thursday and Monday Prague shows!