STORM{O} share their tips from Fluff Fest line-up

STORM{O} share their tips from Fluff Fest line-up

We have another portion of Fluff line-up tips, this time from Luca, Federico and Giacomo of the Italian hardcore screamo outfit STORM{O}.  And you can also check out video of STORM{O}'s live set at Fluff Fest 2016. 



Luca: At fluff fest you always get the chance to see dozen of incredible bands you were willing to see from years but, for me, the best thing of the festival is discovering new bands you would have never discovered in other ways. I prefer to not check out the bands I do not know and instead being suddenly surprised by a killer live set. This year I really can't wait to see DIVO INSTITUTE, I've just seen a little fragment of their show at the Underdogs’ and it sounds great! 

Divo Institute are playing on Saturday, July 30.


Federico: I’ve got a shitty memory for music/songs/band/actors and movies directors. I can easily confuse a song from album that I devoured back in the day with a Michael Buble’s Christmas hit. But FÖLLAKZOID are one of that band that I can recognize from the first note of whatever song you pick. Their sound is so simple and precise and layered that is almost impossibile to be not involved. They are the perfect synthesis between krautrock, minimalism and psych.

Föllakzoid are playing on Friday, July 29.


Giacomo: GOLPE is the new solo project of Tadzio. You've probably seen him playing around Europe with Holy or Komplott some years ago. Composing and recording everything by yourself could be not the most easy choice for the purpose of creation, instead La Colpa E’ Solo Tua is a killer record in which different waves of hardcore punk such as kängpunk, italian Oi! and uk'82 punk are fused in one cohesive and punchy formula.

Golpe is playing on Sunday, July 31.


Giacomo: Screamo has been stale in the latest years, but the Austin trio PORTRAYAL OF GUILT has been able to bring back something fresh to it. Think about the pure horror of Love Lost But Not Forgotten and the no future of Dystopia, then set the time machine go twenty years ahead. 

Portrayal of Guilt are playing on Friday, July 29.


voda = water
remember to bring a cap; I’ve lost Full of Hell show due to a sunstroke.