V0NT share their tips from Fluff Fest line-up

V0NT share their tips from Fluff Fest line-up

V0NT is a Czech harsh electronic outfit with hardcore punk backgroung and (ex)members of such bands as Bahratal, Remek, Gattaca or Marnost, and more. The guys from V0NT have a few tips from the line-up for you. Here they are:



Marek: Been fan of Copenhagen (post)punk scene for ages, I can‘t resist to Iceage. They evolved from dirty post punk to almost stadium rock band, but still keep their energy and stylish nihilism. Dress fancy and enjoy!

Iceage are playing on Friday,  July 29.



Juraj: Europe's San Diego is obviously in Swiss Schaffhausen. This band with absolutely unique sound mixes noise rock with post punkish vibes. Their latest album is matured as Swiss (vegan) cheese. Highly recommended.

 YC-CY are playing on Saturday, July 30.



Juraj: If you've ever thought, that czech punk scene is dying, you were wrong. These dudes are totally killing it, close your eyes and get lost in their hectic and chaotic show... 

 Kurvy Češi are playing Saturday, 30th July.



Juraj: Hailing from the deepest underground of Czech electronic scene, here comes  two person act combining lush modular synth walls with nervous distorted sounds. Do not miss them.


 Jasnovidec are playing on Friday, July 29.



Šaman: Juraj actually selected what would be my tips so I will just add AHOJ, one of the most prolific Slovakian DIY bands formed around the Kubík centre in Trnava. Raw, dirty, honest and sarcastic. 

Ahoj are playing on Saturday, July 30 at Psych Tent. 



Šaman: OK, I will add one more. If you’re looking for a party don’t miss THE CHISEL's show on Saturday. Perfect mixture od in your face old british oi! & punk with catchy singalongs and angry yet positive vibes. Come sing their anthems. 

The Chisel are playing on Saturday, July 30.


... AND we recommend that you don't forget to check out V0NT on Sunday, July 31.