A Place To Bury Strangers

A Place To Bury Strangers
Day: 27. 07. 2023

New York, US

psychedelic * noise-rock * post-punk * shoegaze



Fans all over the globe know: Oliver Ackermann always brings surprises. The singer and guitarist of New York City’s A Place To Bury Strangers has been delighting and astonishing his audience for close to two decades, combining post-punk, noise-rock, shoegaze, psychedelia, and avant-garde music in startling and unexpected ways. As the founder of Death By Audio, creator of signal-scrambling stomp boxes and visionary instrument effects, he’s exported that excitement and invention to other artists who plug into his gear and blow minds. In concert, A Place To Bury Strangers is nothing short of astounding — a shamanistic experience that bathes listeners in glorious sound, crazed left turns, transcendent vibrations, real-time experiments, brilliant breakthroughs.

And just as many of his peers in the New York City underground seem to be slowing down and settling in, Ackermann’s creativity is accelerating. He’s launched a label of his own: Dedstrange, dedicated to advancing the work of sonic renegades worldwide. He’s also refreshed the group’s lineup, adding bassist John Fedowitz and drummer Sandra Fedowitz, and the band has never sounded more current, or more courageous, or more accessibly melodic. The Hologram EP is the first release from the new lineup — and the first on Dedstrange — and it’s no overstatement to say that the reaction has been ecstatic. Ghettoblaster wrote that the band’s racket outpaced everything to emerge from New York City in the past decade. Brooklyn Vegan praised Ackermann’s “terrific, emotive” singing, and lauded the group’s recent commitment to foregrounding its melodies and lyrics. Pitchfork, Flood, AllMusic: they’ve all lined up to call Hologram an example of the best work of a tireless band with a deep discography and an unquenchable drive to create challenging, unprecedented music.  A Place To bury Strangers released their highly anticipated sixth album See Through You  February 4, 2022 to on their newly formed label Dedstrange to critical acclaim.



Ušním bubínkům na Fluffu pořádně zatopí newyorští noisoví titáni A Place to Bury Strangers. Projekt, jehož ústřední postavou je Oliver Ackerman, má pověst jedné z nejhlasitějších kapel. ATBS propojují progresivní post-punk, shogaze, noise rock i elektroniku, a vytváří tak eklektickou hlukovou zeď, kde se potkávají chaos, katarze i rozjímání. Na aktuálním, v pořadí šestém řadovém albu See Through You APTBS potvrdili, že není moc kapel, které by tak jako oni dokázaly skloubit totální hlukovou destrukci s křehkou melodičností a meditativním písničkářstvím. Ackerman desku nahrál ve stejném kapelním složení jako předchozí EP Hologram, tedy společně s basákem Johnem Fedowitzem a bubenicí Sandrou Fedowitz. V této sestavě se také předvedou na Fluffu.



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