Cincinnati, Ohio, US

“For over 40 years, hardcore punk’s devotees have been trying to reimagine, improve upon, and one up the sound first pioneered by the genre’s forebears in the late 70s and early 80s. By the 1990s, hardcore had evolved from a violent reaction to rock’s perceived stagnation into a well-defined form whose breadth, intensity, and speed had well surpassed the blueprint laid by its founders. Cincinnati, OH natives SlutBomb are carrying on in that rich tradition, both nodding at and upping the ante on hardcore punk’s four decades of musical innovation.

Like 90s fastcore stalwarts Los Crudos, Charles Bronson, or European heavyweights Seein’ Red, SlutBomb combines their staunchly leftist politics with breakneck blast beats, incisive lyrics, and just enough mosh parts to keep the blood pumping. Crystal clear, precise guitar leads call to mind the surf-informed stylings of Dead Kennedys, while unrelenting blasts evoke the proto-grindcore of Siege. With eight releases, several US tours, and an Australian tour under their belt since 2017, the band has spent 5 incredibly productive years honing their razor sharp brand of political fastcore.”


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