Pest Control

Pest Control
Day: 28. 07. 2023

Leeds, UK

crossover * thrash * metal * hardcore * punk



"Started during lockdown by three friends from Leeds, UK who wanted to make some crossover thrash, having been fans of the music for years, Pest Control is the classic story of DIY music straight from a time of crisis. Jack (from Death Metal bruisers Mortuary Spawn) joined soon after the release of the Demo in 2020 and the line up was complete with Pest Control’s first show commencing in their home town the week lockdown ended.  Influenced by classic thrash giants such as Metallica, Testament etc. but with a healthy spoonful of crossover like Crumbsuckers, Ludichrist and Municipal Waste, the members grew up with one foot in the Leeds metal and hardcore scenes, taking the best from both worlds.  Topping it all off, Leah’s powerful vocal reminds one of the great Dawn Crosby from Detente. For the recording of the LP they were joined by Luke on second guitar and now have a permanent second guitarist in the shape of Joe Williams (Big Cheese, Fate) and will be seen touring Europe with the almighty Foreseen, having already played across the UK with Municipal Waste, Eternal Champion and as well as appearances at Outbreak and Wrongside Fests." (taken from Quality Control HQ).

For Fans of Metallica, Crumbsuckers, Foreseen, Power Trip



Nejdřív se dali v Leedsu během lockdownu dohromady Leah, Ben a Joe K, s odhodláním dát dokupy pořádný crossover thrash band. Krátce po vydání prvního dema v roce 2020 se ke kapele připojil Jack z death metalové mlátičky Mortuary Spawn. Pest Control nacházejí inspiraci u thrashových velikánů jako Metallica, Testament atd., to vše ovšem okořeněné pořádnou dávkou crossoveru ve stylu Crumbsuckers, Ludichrist nebo Municipal Waste. Když se k tomu přidá Leah se svými výbušným hlasovým projevem, který připomíná skvělou Dawn Crosby z undergroundové thrashové legendy Detente, mají Pest Control sílu bourat zdi. Před nahráváním LP Don't Test the Pest se ke kapele připojila ještě druhá kytara v podání Joea Williamse (Big Cheese, Fate).



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