Spirito Di Lupo

Spirito Di Lupo
Day: 29. 07. 2023
Stage: Psychtent

Milano / Bologna, IT

anarcho-punk * hardcore 


"Dishevelled, mid-tempo punk has a way of getting under your skin and SPIRITO DI LUPO are the perfect representatives. Raw and snarling, they play short and snappy hardcore punk inspired by the ’80s Italian sound. Based between Milan and Bologna, SPIRITO DI LUPO features members of KOBRA, SKALP, CERIMONIA SECRETA, HORROR VACUI, TUONO and an array of other fine projects. This diverse musical background serves SPIRITO DI LUPO well, as they lurk and jerk between the angry edge of hardcore and the darker dwellings of anarcho punk." (Iron Lung / Sentiero Futuro Autoproduzioni)