Island of Love

Island of Love
Day: 28. 07. 2023

London, UK

lo-fi * punk * indie rock



Introducing London-based trio Island of Love, a band that delivers such a remarkably raucous live show that Third Man Records signed them during their cigarette break immediately after seeing them play. Island of Love are the very first band signed to Third Man Records London, and they announce their self-titled debut album today.

In September 2021, Island of Love – Karim Newble on guitars/vocals, Linus Munch on guitars/vocals and Daniel Giraldo on bass –were invited to perform at the grand opening of Third Man’s The Blue Basement. It’s a good thing Island of Love showed up to the gig at all, given that the band didn’t even think the email invitation they received to play was real. That very real and not-spam offer not only led to their on-the-spot label signing, but to opening slots for Jack White, and now their exhilarating debut. Island of Love is a ferocious and bone-shakingly loud album that marries raw, primal noise led by crunchy guitars with intrinsically melodic sensibilities, and recalls the sound and spirit of peak-era Dinosaur Jr. or Husker Dü. With influences from the band’s start in the London hardcore punk scene and their DIY community roots, the album is elevated by the shared vocal and songwriting duties of Newble and Munch. Produced by Fuzzbrain’s Ben Spence and engineered by Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Jeff Rosenstock, Joyce Manor), Island of Love is an album full of songs that pinball back and forth between tones and styles, and make up one of the most refreshing and fun debut albums you’ll hear in 2023.



Představujeme londýnské indie punkové trio Island of Love – kapelu, která je naživo tak přesvědčivá, že hned po koncertě během pauzy na cigáro podepsala smlouvu s Third Man Records Jacka Whitea. Jejich eponymní debut disponuje indie zranitelností, která se krčí pod přívalem kytarových efektů. Album evokuje vrcholnou éru Dinosaur Jr. nebo Husker Dü, přitom na něm ale zároveň Island of Love nezapřou své kořeny na londýnské diy hc punkové scéně.


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