Day: 28. 07. 2023

Praha, CZ


thrash * oldschool * heavy * metal 



FAÜST is a thrash metal outfit hailing from Prague, previously also known as CBF (Coldblooded Fish). The first release under the name FAÜST was their eponymous EP ''7, which they recorded as a trio. For the follow-up LP (or “second debut” as the band likes to call it) Tinnitus Inquisition, FAÜST added another guitar to the line-up and have been playing as a quartet since. The album was released last year on Witches Brew and is loaded with slaying thrash mixed with bits of rock'n'roll, heavy metal, doom or grind.


FAÜST vznikl před třemi lety přeměnou z kapely CBF (Coldblooded Fish). Eponymní faustovský debut vydali ještě jako trojice. Od roku 2021 je kapela posílena o druhou kytaru a v tomhle složení nahrála svojí "druhou debutní" desku Tinnitus Inquisition. Ta vyšla loni u německého labelu Witches Brew a do třiceti minut FAÜSTi napěchovali pořádnou nálož thrash metalu okořeněnou punkem, rock'n'rollem, heavy metalem, doomem nebo grindem.


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