Feltre, IT

hardcore punk * screamo 

Expression urgency, unkindness of everyday live, embedded chaos of modern cities, together with a strong DIY approach and an intense live activity, shaped the band’s traits and language.

Debuting in 2014 with "Sospesi nel Vuoto (...)", they played over 400 shows and have opened for Converge, Full Of Hell, La Dispute among others. Following their second full-length "Ere" (2018) and several European tours, the band released its third album in autumn 2019, "Finis Terrae", which talks about physical and mental borders.
In 2020 the band collaborated with various artists, such as OvO and Øjne, to release a collection of remixes and reworks of 10 songs taken from their 3 records, donating all proceeds to “Nessuna Da Sola”, national campaign in support of sex workers during covid lockdown.


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